Home Energy Improvement Checklist

Want lower home energy bills? Sustainable Princeton may be able to help you.

Two local builders, a home energy expert and a LEED-certified architect have just developed a home energy improvement checklist (20KB pdf) for homeowners.

By working down the checklist, you can identify a range of simple improvements that will reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and cool your home.

Many homeowners will be able to make these improvements themselves, without needing to employ a contractor.

window in a brick wall

Demonstration tours

Several residents of Princeton have recently put the checklist to the test. In late June, they offered tours of their homes to demonstrate the various easy steps they’ve already taken and are intending to take.

Tour participants saw and discussed straightforward energy-saving measures in the various homes. Most of the improvements focused on attics, basements, doors, windows and fireplaces: all common sources of heat loss.

Residents whose homes were toured had recently attended a basic training course at Isles in Trenton. The training covered home energy efficiency concepts, as well as practical techniques. With this training under their belts, the residents were able to help develop and refine the checklist.


Many of the energy-saving measures involve stopping unwanted heat loss from the home. So we’re calling this initiative “Housewarming”, for short.

What you can do