Give Curbside Composting a Try!

Instead of just throwing out food waste, pizza boxes, napkins and other organic matter with the trash, Township residents can now send these items to a composting facility each week via a simple curbside pick-up program. In the fall, the program will be extended to residents of the Borough as well. green plastic waste bin

You can join the Curbside Food Waste Composting program by contacting Janet Pellichero, at

The program costs $25 per month and includes a weekly pick-up of non-organic trash.  For many households, the monthly fee is less then the cost of their existing trash pick-up service.  Or, if you prefer to keep your existing trash service, the cost is $20 per month for pick up of organic waste only.

Yard waste such as weeds and brush can also be included in the weekly organic pick up. You can continue to put out recyclable materials such as paper, glass and certain plastics for the biweekly curbside recycling pickups (these are run by the Mercer County Improvement Authority, not your trash collection company, so are unaffected by which trash collection program you choose).

The Curbside Food Waste Composting program began in June 2011 as a three-month pilot program, but will transition to an on-going program after August 2011.

By July 2011, the program had already diverted over 10 tons of organic waste from landfills (see this Town Topics article for more information about the early success of the program). Testimonials for the program include letters to Town Topics on July 20, 2011 and July 27, 2011.

For other composting ideas, check out our post on Leaf Disposal: Corrals and Composting or see our instruction sheet (310KB pdf) on how to build your own compost bin.