Bicycle Sharrows Coming to Town

Soon, new pavement markings will be installed on some Princeton roads. The "sharrow" symbols will remind drivers and cyclists to "share the road". A sharrow symbol consisting of a bike with a chevron above it

Of course, road sharing is required on all streets. But the sharrow markings are a highly visible way to remind road users to pay attention and make room for each other.

The sharrow markings will be installed along these road segments:

  • Harrison Street from Faculty Road to Mt. Lucas Road
  • Witherspoon Street from Nassau Street to Valley Road
  • Nassau Street from Harrison to Bayard Lane
  • Paul Robeson Place/Wiggins/Hamilton Avenue from Bayard Lane to Snowden Lane

The symbols will be stenciled on the pavement about 11 feet from the curb. This distance will help remind drivers that cyclists need to safely pass parked cars without being hit by open doors. Where there are no parked vehicles, cyclists should move closer to the curb so that vehicles can pass by safely.

Hopefully, the sharrows will encourage more people to bike rather than drive around town!

More information on the sharrows.