Bicyclists and Boarders Ride the Sharrows

Fifty bicyclists, skate boarders and long boarders braved gloomy skies on Sunday, October 2nd for a community ride along local “sharrow” streets. (The term “sharrow” is a fusion of “share” and “arrow” and refers to a pavement marking that reminds drivers and bicyclists to “share the road”). Bicyclists riding single file along a suburban street

The group met at 3:00 p.m. at Hinds Plaza, next to the Princeton Public Library. The bicyclists and boarders were welcomed by Bainy Suri, a special events coordinator for Sustainable Princeton, who thanked everyone for coming together to show their support for sustainability. Diane Landis, Sustainable Princeton’s Coordinator, provided some background about the sharrows and urged the group to share the road safely. Janet Heroux, Chair of the Princeton Joint Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee (PJPBAC) also thanked the group for their support of sharrows.

The group then started off on the ride, following a rectangular loop around the downtown.  (For a map of the route, see this quikmap.)  The route was designed to bring attention to the new sharrow pavement markings installed in August along Wiggins/Hamilton, Harrison, and Witherspoon Streets, and soon to be installed along Nassau Street.

Speaker addressing adults with bicycles and youth with skateboard.

The Princeton Borough Police Department provided a reassuring presence at several key points along the ride and Sustainable Princeton is particularly grateful for their support.

About half the riders were family groups.  The parents who pulled heavy trailers with children impressed the group with their stamina.  Many riders also chose to go for a second time around the loop to extend the length of the ride.

Sustainable Princeton hopes to organize another community bike/skate ride in the Spring.  If you would like to help organize and/or attend this next ride, please contact Andrea Malcolm.