Sustainability Stories From Students and Schools

Sustainable Princeton wants to know what students are doing, saying, and thinking about environmental issues in their schools and in the world around them. We also want to know what kind of sustainable efforts are underway at local schools? Brick entrance tower at front of Princeton high school

Please share stories, projects, pictures, dreams, songs, and results of efforts run by young people in our community.  Submissions should reflect a student's own work--- such as a first grader’s poem about what we must do to improve the environmental health of our town or a pride-filled summary about how an Eagle Scout cleaned up a river. Suggestions for future sustainability projects, practical or wild, are welcomed.

Students of all ages are encouraged to forward whatever they would like to share to Theodore Casparian who will be coordinating student and school postings on this site.  PDF scans and digital photos are great, but you can also email Theodore and he will give you his mailing address for things that cannot be scanned or digitized.

Students and their parents are invited to join Sustainable Princeton’s Green Schools Council to share ideas and to help plan actions to make our schools more sustainable.  See our events page to see the time and location of our next Green Schools Council meeting.