Green Map Coming to Princeton!

(April 2012 update: the Princeton Green Connections map is now live!! Please visit, comment & suggest new sites!) What are Princeton's green resources? And where do you find them? In public parks or woodlands? Along our tree-lined streets? At the Farmer's Market? Or, at a school garden?

Green Map slogan "Think Global, Map Local" shown as a pop up bubble from a google map base

Who takes care of these resources? And can you get to Princeton's green places and resources without a car?

These are some of the questions we hope local residents and others familiar with our town can help answer by working together on the “Princeton Green Connections” green map project.  Green Connections is an interactive online map based on the Green Map System, which uses thematic icons to identify natural, cultural and sustainable resources in communities and encourages public collaboration through its open green map platform.  Currently, there are 776 green maps in 60 countries.

Green maps include photos, website links and videos and because the maps are online they are easy to access, share and update.

The "Princeton Green Connections" green map will focus on Princeton’s green space resources, and also show the bicycle, hiking and pedestrian routes that connect us to, and through, Princeton. Future green maps may focus on other sustainable resources – including green buildings and technology, green businesses, cultural/historic resources, and more.

To find out more and to get involved in the green map project, you can:

  • Come to Sustainable Princeton's “Great Ideas Breakfast” on Feb. 10, 8:30 a.m. There will be a brief presentation on the green map project and an old-fashioned paper map display.
  • Sign up for the “Green Mapping on St. Patrick’s Day” workshop, Mar. 17, 1 - 3pm, where participants will learn the basics of green maps, and get started on some mapping! (Seating is limited - please contact Andrea Malcolm to reserve a spot.)
  • Contact Andrea with your questions or comments, and/or send her your green space descriptions and photos!

Princeton, Lawrence, Hillsborough, and Montgomery are recipients of a Green Map training grant from Sustainable Jersey and the Dodge Foundation. We look forward to working with these neighboring towns, Sustainable Jersey, Green Map Systems, and many others as we create and develop the Princeton Green Connections green map!