Princeton's Curbside Food Waste Program Needs You!

Wouldn't it be great if you could easily recycle all your leftovers instead of just throwing them in the trash? Well, now you can. bright green wheeled trash cart for food waste

Every fruit peel, bone, egg shell, pizza box, paper towel and napkin we throw in the trash ends up in the landfill. In fact, food waste and other organic matter make up more than half the typical household’s weekly trash collection. Not everyone has the time or space to do backyard composting, and some waste food items just aren’t suitable for a backyard compost pile.

Keep food waste out of landfill: sign up today

Over two hundred households have already joined Princeton’s curbside food waste collection program, which launched in 2011. In just six months, these residents saved over 60 tons of waste from landfill: no wonder the program has already won an award! And that 60 tons equals $7,500 saved in municipal trash disposal costs! Now it’s time to expand the program to several hundred more households.

Please help to reduce the amount of trash Princeton buries in landfill, and join the food waste collection program today!

How to sign up

Contact Janet Pellichero at the Princeton Township Public Works Department: email or phone 609-688-2566. We need several hundred more households to join the program, so please encourage your Princeton friends and neighbors to sign up too.

[Sept. 19, 2011 Update:  The program has now signed up over four hundred and fifty households.  New sign-ups are on hold until early November.  Stay tuned for updates!]

How does curbside food waste collection work?

Instead of trashing food waste and other biodegradable garbage such as napkins and paper towels, you put it into a bright green container that is provided by Premier Food Waste. Once a week, you leave this container at the curbside to be emptied. That's it!

Without all the food waste and other “organic” garbage, your ordinary trash can will take longer to fill. You can continue to use your usual trash hauler to collect ordinary trash; alternatively, if you live in Princeton Township, you can arrange for the same company that removes the food waste to collect your trash as well.

What items can I put in the collection bin?

A huge amount of stuff: not just food left-overs but also pizza boxes and other kinds of paper products, and most yard waste. You'll get a detailed list once you sign up.

What happens to the waste once it has been collected?

It is turned into compost. Huge amounts of waste are involved, so the compost piles get very hot. This means that compost can be made using items that can’t be easily composted in a back yard, such as bones, fish skins, pizza boxes, and yard waste, including sticks and branches.

Sign up now and receive these FREE items:

  • A kitchen collector: this container can sit on a countertop or in a cupboard, ready for your food waste
  • Compostable food waste bags that fit inside the kitchen collector
  • A wheeled “organics” container which you put at the curb once a week
  • If you choose, you can pick up free compost to use in your yard

How much does it cost?

  • Township residents: $20 per month for food/organic waste collection. $30 per month for food/organic waste and trash pickup
  • Borough residents: $20 per month for food/organic waste collection only (trash pickup will continue to be free of charge)

What will happen when the Borough and Township consolidate next year?

If enough households sign up in Spring 2012, the program will likely continue. If over 500 households sign up, curbside food waste collection could even become part of the municipal trash collection contract. Please sign up today and help demonstrate that Princeton residents want to reduce the amount of trash going into landfills!

Thank you!

Thanks to environmentally-minded people like you, Princeton can keep huge amounts of material out of landfills. This helps our town save money and makes the planet a better place for our children.