Princeton Composts: Do You? Curbside Organic Waste Collection Sign Up Now Online

Online registration for the "Princeton Composts" Curbside Organic Waste Collection is now available via the Princeton municipal website.  We hope you will sign up today for this award-winning program...and get your friends and neighbors to sign up too! red arrows in apple shape on yellow background over green lettering indicating "Princeton Composts"

There are many benefits to the town's curbside composting program.  Its very easy to do, and a great way to learn how waste can be turned into a usable product, reducing its environmental impact. Curbside composting also saves money for the town due to increased recycle rates and lower trash dumping fees.  In the first six months of the program, residents saved over 60 tons of waste from landfill, equaling $7,500 saved in municipal trash disposal costs!

Weekly organic waste collection costs just $65/year.  For more information about the program, see the municipal website sign up page, or contact Janet Pellichero, Princeton's Recycling Coordinator, at 609-688-2566.

Your street may win a prize if everyone joins the Princeton Composts program.  Of course, shorter streets, like Regatta Row (three of four homes signed up) do have an advantage, but the program may look at a block by block competition in the future.

Here are the top three streets for Princeton Composts sign-ups as of mid April:

  • Jefferson Road - 20
  • Dodds Lane - 14
  • (Tie) Mount Lucas Road and Hawthorne Ave - 10 each

Help your street move to the top of the list by  joining the Princeton Composts program and asking your neighbors to join too.  Thank you to everyone for your support of this great program!