Is Your Home EnergySmart Yet?

Princeton Homeowners know a lot more about their home energy usage these days! Thanks to the EnergySmart Homes Campaign, eighty of your neighbors and friends have had home energy assessments to date.  If you haven't already signed up, we can help you get started on improving the energy efficiency, comfort and safety of your home. Semi-circle dial showing home insulation R-values

To schedule an EnergySmart Homes assessment at the discounted $49 rate, you can call our partner, Ciel Power LLC at 201-632-3463 or sign up via the Ciel Power website.

For more information, read on below, and be sure to come to our EnergySmart Homes panel at the Princeton Public Library on Tuesday, June 10 at 7:00 p.m. to hear real life stories of Princeton residents who have conducted energy audits and made the recommended energy upgrades to their homes.  Stay tuned for details about this event on our events listing.

What is a home energy assessment?

A home energy assessment, or audit, identifies where your home is wasting energy, what systems are working inefficiently and proposes cost effective solutions.  It also identifies how you can maximize rebates and financial incentives from NJ's Home Performance with Energy Star program to help you offset the cost of those solutions, and identifies potential health hazards such as carbon monoxide levels, moisture (think mold), and air quality.

Who does the assessment and what does it cost?

A home energy assessment or audit is performed by an accredited and certified contractor.  These contractors meet the certification and accreditation guidelines of the Building Performance Institute (BPI), the industry's resource for building science technology that sets standards for assessing and improving the energy performance of homes.

Home energy assessments can cost $150-400 however, Sustainable Princeton has partnered with Ciel Power LLC, a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified provider, to provide residential energy assessments at a discounted price of $49.

Is my home a good candidate for a home energy audit?

Older construction homes usually have the most to benefit from the improvements recommended in a home energy assessment.

How long does it take?

The audit takes about 2-4 hours depending on the size of your home.  You should also plan for an hour follow up meeting approximately a week after the assessment with the contractor to go over the results. You will receive a report listing recommended measures, along with financial incentives available to pay for the work.

What areas of my home will they be checking?

The technician will inspect your home from top to bottom.  They will need access to the main living areas of your home, attic, basement, your heating and cooling system and the outside perimeter of the house.  

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