Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed to offer Course on conserving energy in your home

The Stony Brook - Millstone Watershed Association will be offering a course on conserving energy in your home. Registration is available on their website. Here is a description from their Winter 2016 Newsletter...

"Are you interested in learning about steps you can take to reduce your use of energy in your home, save money on your electric bills and help the environment? Are you curious about how solar energy and geothermal systems really work and whether they are right for you? Registration is now open for our adult education course on home energy efficiency to be held in our award-winning Watershed Center. The Center, which has received the highest “LEED Platinum” rating from the US Green Building Council, is an ideal teaching platform. The course aims to extend many of the lessons learned from designing and building our energy efficient Center to what a homeowner can do in either building a new house or retrofitting an existing home. 

Wednesday Evenings 7:30–9:00PM, 

February 3 through March 9;

Adults; $180/$230NM

FACULTY: Ted Borer & Robert Harris, Ph.D.

The course will be led by Watershed-member Ted Borer, Energy Plant Manager at Princeton University and Robert Harris, a former Watershed trustee and retired faculty member at Princeton University who taught a senior engineering design course on energy efficient buildings. The course will consist of six Wednesday evening courses and two Saturday morning field trips beginning on February 3 and ending March 9. The classroom sessions will focus on how energy is used for heating, cooling, and lighting a house, the energy used for hot water and “plug loads,” and what determines the efficiency of energy use. We will discuss practical, cost effective measures that can be taken to lower energy bills and be better stewards of the environment. The field trips will be designed to illustrate how an energy audit is done, the use of solar panels to produce electricity and hot water, and the methods of weatherizing a house to reduce energy costs of heating and cooling."