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Composting at home is a lot easier than you’d think. Did you know that half of your household waste could most likely be composted? Americans throw away multiple millions of tons of food waste per year and many of these items could be diverted from the landfill and used to make your gardens more beautiful! Would you rather grow a landfill or grow a garden? I think the answer is clear – so, why not compost?

Mia Quinn   Sustainable Princeton 2016  Intern    Colorado College Junior

Mia Quinn

Sustainable Princeton 2016  Intern

Colorado College Junior


Composting saves money as you'll need to purchase less fertilizers – it’s free! It also helps to restore your soil and allows it to retain more moisture so you won’t have to water as often. Compost returns many of the valuable nutrients to your soil.

In addition to saving you money, it also saves resources and helps decrease your impact on the environment because composting reduces greenhouse gases in multiple ways.

By composting, you return what you’ve grown back to the soil in order to help you grow! Knowing what you can and cannot compost is not difficult and starting your own backyard compost program is simple!

Check out this short video to help you get started composting, saving money and resources today!


Mia Quinn

Sustainable Princeton 2016 Intern

Colorado College