Energy Parklet Tours Saturdays in July

This summer, be sure to stop by and visit the new Energy Parklet in front of Jazams. Windmills, solar panels, water turbines and bikes are all in action, providing energy to the parklet and fun for the family. So drop by and play a bit! Even better show up at 2 p.m. every Saturday in July when Sustainable Princeton will have volunteers stationed to tell you more about renewable energy and answer your questions.

Designed by Joseph Hobart Weiss, a local Princeton architect, the parklet consists of five distinct rooms that cascade down the sloping street. Each room has a different focus: the "bike room" has stationary bicycles connected to generators; the "reading room" has a small library with bench seating; the "game room" is stocked with various games provided by jaZams; the "engine room" contains two pump stations which operate miniature hydroelectric generators; and the "sun room" has seating with photovoltaic panels overhead. A wind farm of small windmills on the roof adds another form of renewable energy. The energy generated from the active play will power lights, cell phone charging stations, and an active window display in jaZams’s storefront. The parklet was built from scratch by all the lead sponsors with help from numerous volunteers - a true community effort.

Sustainable Princeton is a proud sponsor of the parklet which was organized by the Arts Council of Princeton and jaZams. Lead sponsors include: jaZams, Joseph Hobart Weiss Architect, NRG Energy, Hamilton Building Supply, Princeton University’s Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment, and Princeton University School of Architecture. The project was also made possible by Davidge Design Studio, Halo Pub, Kopps Cycles, MacLean Agency, the Municipality of Princeton, Nassau Inn, Palmer Square Management, Princeton Public Library, Smith’s Ace Hardware, Teresa’s Café, Thames & Kosmos, the bent spoon and ThinkForm Architects.