Poems and Percussions for the Planet - Support Sustainable Princeton's BYOBag campaign

Come hear some amazing life-affirming drums and heartfelt poems for the PLANET. Performances by the UBER-talented DAN JOHNSON & ARUL KARTTIKEYA.

This event is brought to you by Bainy Suri and Sustainable Princeton. For tickets, please see the EventBrite link below. SUGGESTED DONATION $10.00. For more information contact bainysuri@gmail.com. All funds will be used to promote Sustainable Princeton's BYOBag Campaign.



Princeton University Students Get Sustainability Kits

Members of Princeton University’s Class of 2015 were given a "Sustainability Survival Kit" when they arrived on campus this year.  The University’s Office of Sustainability collaborated with Sustainable Princeton’s BYOBag Campaign over the summer months as the contents of the kits were developed. sustainability kit contents including water jars, reusable bag and sporks

For several years now, the University has been offering its incoming freshmen reusable water bottles, printed with a map of water stations on campus, to encourage sustainable hydration. But the Class of 2015 received some extras packed into these bottles:

  • A pocket-sized "spork" (combination of spoon and fork) made of bamboo;
  • A leaflet on sustainable seafood, courtesy of the University Dining Services; and
  • A reusable nylon shopping bag that unfolds from its own compact pouch. Listed in handsome orange printing on each side of the black bag are campus retail spots and BYOBag Businesses who are striving to reduce their use of plastic bags.

Sustainable Princeton hopes that students will use their nylon bags in place of single-use plastic bags whenever possible. The bags will also help bring attention to Sustainable Princeton's BYOBag Businesses and the BYOBag Campaign.

Kudos to the "town-gown" team who cooperated to create this thoughtful gift for many of Princeton’s newest residents! What a great way to start a new habit that can change the world…