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5 Oct

Ask An Expert About EVs: How to Choose, Charge, and Change

If you’ve been thinking about an electric vehicle, you’ve probably had several questions on your mind. Are they affordable? What’s up with that rebate? How far will I be able to go? What’s the best model for my needs?

10 Jun

Gardening with Natives, Controlling Invasives

Native plants thrive in our region, making them uniquely qualified to be low-maintenance and supportive of our native birds, insects, and animals. For our third Ask An Expert series, Mike Van Clef joined us to share insights and answer your questions about gardening with native plants and controlling invasive species.

16 May

The State of Recycling in New Jersey

Sustainability and recycling expert, Wayne DeFeo, joined us in an hour-long Ask An Expert Anything session about waste reduction efforts in NJ and the state of recycling. In this virtual session, participants were able to ask Wayne about the current state of affairs of waste management in NJ, the impact of the pandemic, and what the future holds for New Jersey.

7 May

Renewable Energy and Emission Reduction Targets

Sustainability and climate change leader, Bruno Sarda, joined us for our first Ask An Expert Anything session about renewable energy markets and how communities like Princeton can help the transition to fossil-fuel-free electricity.

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