You May Qualify for Direct Install 

Direct Install is a program offered by the New Jersey's Clean Energy Program. It offers a streamlined process to energy efficiency for owners of small to mid-sized buildings with a monthly peak demand of 200 kW or less. Direct Install will cover up to 70% of the project costs for qualified measures.  There is a $125,000 cap on each project. To determine if you qualify for Direct Install, take the following steps:

  1. Contact the participating Direct Install contractor in your area.  For Princeton, the contractor is Tri-State Lighting and Energy.
  2. The contractor will provide a free energy assessment of the building and will help complete the program application and participation agreement.
  3. The contractor will review the results of your building's energy assessment and explain what measures qualify for the program and your share of the cost.
  4. Sign a scope of work document that details the qualifying measures.
  5. Arrange with contractor to schedule and perform the work.
  6. Accept the work by signing a project completion form provided by the contractor.
  7. Pay the contractor your share of the project course and New Jersey's Clean Energy program will pay the rest.