Farmer's Market


In 2019, we collected the following resources for recycling and upcycling at the Princeton Farmers Market.

Although our participation in the market is now on hold, we invite you to continue saving these resources until our 2020-21 collection is announced. In the meantime, we’ve noted current alternatives below.

  • Batteries: Batteries from handheld devices can be reused or recycled through the Wireless Alliance. NOTE: No corroded batteries. Battery ends must be sealed with clear tape to prevent electrical discharge during shipping. 

    • Call2Recycle® offers a free rechargeable battery and cell phone collection program in some locations.
  • Block Styrofoam™ and peanuts: Packaging Styrofoam™ used to encase a fragile item can be locally upcycled into picture frames. NOTE: All Styrofoam™ must be brought in a CLOSED BAG to prevent debris during transportation and storage! This collection does NOT include plates, cups, egg cartons, or take-out boxes. Finally, we cannot accept spongey lookalike foams. Ie, Styrofoam™ breaks or crumbles under force, while the lookalikes act more like a sponge that bends or compresses.

    • If you have a large source of foam, please contact us. Otherwise, hold on to your foam and stay tuned for our 2020-21 collections.
  • Cell phones and tablets: All cell phones and tablets, as well as their accessories, can be refurbished or shredded for precious metals reclamation by Wireless Alliance. Review their information regarding data security. NOTE: To allow data cleansing of Apple products, be sure to disable the Find My iPhone Activation Lock.

    • Call2Recycle® offers a free rechargeable battery and cell phone collection program in some locations.
  • Printer cartridges: Ink cartridges can be refurbished or upcycled by Wireless Alliance.

    • Hinkson’s Office Supply offers a collection for cartridges.
  • Pill bottles: EMPTY and clean prescription pill bottles can be upcycled into Preserve products via the Gimme5 program. NOTE: Remove all labels and ensure bottles are empty. Leftover medicine should instead be taken to the Prescription Drug Drop Box in the lobby of the Police Department.

    • Whole Foods on Route 1 offers a collection of clean, dry #5 plastics, including empty pill bottles.
  • Wine corks: Synthetic or natural corks can be upcycled into art and building projects through the Cork Club program.

    • Local wine stores offer these collections.

Please stay tuned for our 2020-21 collections.

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If you are interested in volunteering at our Resource Recovery Tent, or learning about other volunteer opportunities, please email us.

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