Join the Municipality of Princeton's Curbside Organic Program 

Be part of New Jersey's growing trend of innovative waste management. According to the EPA's 2102 report, 28% of Municipal Solid Waste is yard trimmings and food waste. Help divert this valuable material from Princeton's landfill in Tullytown, PA and put it back where it belongs, replenishing the soil.

Program Details

  • Curbside pickup every Wednesday after 7:00 am
  • Each participant receives a 35 gallon, green cart, a kitchen collector, & a starter box of compostable bags
  • Annual fee of $65
  • Compost in the spring

To register or to get more information go to the municipality of Princeton's website.

Compost at Home

  • Compostmulch and wood chips are often available to Princeton Residents at the Joseph H. Maher Ecological Facility at 3107 Princeton Pike (Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 2:30 pm).
  • Making compostInstructions (310KB pdf) for building a compost bin from old pallets. Also includes tips on how to use it to make compost.

Leave the Leaves

Compost them on your lot, or have them collected.


Piles of mall branches and twigs are collected a few times per year from curbside. There are limits on the size of wood that will be picked up. For more details see the collection schedules for Princeton municipality.

Princeton residents can drop off brushleaves and grass clippings at the Joseph H. Maher Ecological Facility, 3701 Princeton Pike (Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 2:30 pm).

Vegetable Gardening

  • Lawn to Food teaches residents the steps to turning their lawn into vegetable gardens. Provides expertise, kits, plants and seeds.
  • Princeton School Gardens Cooperative (PSGC) fosters garden- and food-based education in the classroom, cafeteria and community. The group has created gardens at every Princeton public school.


Here's a list of articles on house and yard (some of them contributed by guest authors) elsewhere on this site.