After you have completed the first three required STAR Neighborhood actions, please use this form to register your neighborhood. In order to submit this form, you will need a neighborhood name, boundaries, and starting goals. Please also provide the information requested to document the initial three goals, including the name and contact information for at least two people in your neighborhood.

Select a name that distinguishes your neighborhood from others.
Describe the neighborhood boundaries so that we can draw it on a map. I.e., what roads define your neighborhood?
What will be an initial action(s) for your neighborhood?
Have you created a neighborhood phone and email list? *
Please check yes to certify that you have completed the required starting action: Develop a Community Emergency Network.
To document your completion of the required starting activity, Host a Neighborhood Gathering, please describe your gathering. Where was it held? When did it occur? Approximately how many attended?
Contact 1 Name *
Contact 1 Name
Please provide a name for your first leader.
Please provide phone number for this leader.
Contact 2 Name *
Contact 2 Name
Please provide a name for your second leader.
Please provide phone number for this leader.
Contact 3 Name
Contact 3 Name
If applicable, please provide a name for your third leader.
If applicable, please provide phone number for the third leader.

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