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A Look Inside the Wilsons’ Electrified Home


People emPOWERing Princeton: A Look Inside the Wilsons’ Electrified Home Meet the Wilsons, a family committed to shrinking their carbon footprint and embracing sustainable living. Louise and Cliff’s journey began […]

People emPOWERing Princeton

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Car-Free Family: Shridevi and Priyabrata Would you be able to go car-free for a week? A month? A year? Well, Shridevi, Priyabrata, and their two kids have been car-free since […]

People emPOWERing Princeton: Heidi’s Home


Heidi’s Home Welcome to Heidi’s Home! Heidi is a long-time Princeton resident and a LEED-accredited architect with a passion for her profession. Back in 1999, she met others doing a […]

People emPOWERing Princeton: Leighton

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Meet Leighton! You may recognize this person emPOWERing Princeton from council meetings, community events, our eCommuter Fest, or seeing him riding around town on his scooter! If you have not, […]

Home Heating Hacks


Buildings are the number one source of emissions in Princeton with a lot of that energy being used to heat our homes. By using these Home Heating Hacks you can […]

People emPOWERing Princeton: Lois

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Lois Leading Change Lois is a long-term advocate of sustainability here in Princeton. Lois has been volunteering with Sustainable Princeton for seven years, most recently at our ecommuter fest, as […]