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Plant More Trees

Trees are vital. As the largest plants on the planet, trees are entwined with our lives in more ways than you can imagine. They create the air we breathe, soak up stormwater, and provide shade, to name a few.

Hug a tree today -- they give us so much and deserve it.

Plant more trees on your property. Here’s how:

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Need some inspiration?

Check out the top ten reasons to plant a tree:

  1. Trees create the air we breathe. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and transform it into oxygen.
  2. Trees filter air pollution. Trees absorb toxic chemicals in the air, acting as filters.
  3. Trees build soil. Their roots help prevent erosion, build forests, and provide life for others.
  4. Trees soak up stormwater. This helps reduce flooding. Use the National Tree Benefit Calculator to estimate the environmental and economic value of your trees.
  5. Trees create cool shade. Positioned appropriately around your home, shade can reduce air conditioning expenses.
  6. Trees offer shelter for animals. Everything from birds to bats, butterflies and squirrels rely on trees.
  7. Trees trap and hold carbon. They act as sponges soaking up greenhouse gases and storing carbon in their trunk and branches. 
  8. Trees improve neighborhoods. They raise property values and build curb appeal.
  9. Trees provide food for people. Who doesn’t love a local apple?
  10. Trees are beautiful. They can lift our spirits.

Did you know?

Our tree city. The Municipality of Princeton owns and maintains over 18,000 municipal trees. 

When trees stay, they keep floods away. In total, these municipal trees have captured over 600,000 lbs of CO2 and have intercepted nearly 20 million gallons of water.

Learn more.  The Princeton Climate Action Plan identifies multiple strategies to protect and enhance local natural resources and our tree canopy.