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Register for Alerts

As storms increase in frequency and intensity in our region, blocked roads and downed power lines are becoming all too common. Protect yourself by staying informed.

Register to get critical information, like severe weather updates and unexpected road closure announcements.

Sign up for the Mayor’s newsletter

Princeton residents are encouraged to sign-up to receive the Mayor’s weekly announcements.

Register for citizen alerts

Princeton residents are also encouraged to register to receive emergency notifications and public service announcements. Visit Princeton’s emergency notifications webpage to set up or access your account. 

Once logged in, select the desired alert subscriptions, including emergency notifications, road closings, and more. Specify your contact method and provide your choice of phone, text, or email addresses.

You may change these selections at any time.

Register with the Extra Assistance Registry

The Extra Assistance Registry is a voluntary program to help emergency responders better serve residents who find it difficult to help themselves during major disaster or extreme weather events. Princeton residents should learn more by visiting the Municipality’s Princeton Prepares webpage.

Report a problem

In Princeton, if you find a blocked road, fallen tree, or other public hazard, report it to Access Princeton. Call 609.924.4141 or use the Access Princeton app.

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Are you registered?

Ready for action. The municipality has contact information for over 7,000 households with landlines, so they can send emergency alerts to these individuals as necessary.

Knowledge is power. About 1,400 Princeton residents have registered through Princeton’s registration portal to date, providing their preferred method of contact.