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Know the Recycling Rules

Recycling can be hard to figure out and seems to be ever-changing. Fortunately, there’s an app for that.

Stay informed and help others recycle the right way.

Most Princeton residents participate in a recycling program overseen by the Mercer County Improvement Authority. Here’s how to find the latest on Mercer County’s residential curbside recycling program:

  • Get the app. Download the Recycle Coach app to your smartphone, enter your home address, and get answers to all of your curbside recycling questions.
  • What goes where? For an online version, bookmark this link, enter your township, and then ask away.
  • Printable list: Here’s a list of acceptable recyclables to tack on your bulletin board.

Helpful Hints.

  • Respect the rules. Unfortunately, recycling rules vary for different regions. Businesses, schools, and apartment complexes commonly use different recycling contractors that may have different rules. When you are out and about, don’t assume the rules  — ask and encourage managers to provide clear signage.
  • Stay informed. As markets shift, so does the recyling industry. Check these sources frequently to ensure you are aware of the current rules.
  • Missed recycling collection? Report residential recycling disruptions through Mercer County Improvement Authority’s web portal.

Help end wishful recycling.

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We all wish we could recycle more, but wishful recycling does more harm than good. Non-recyclables drive up the cost of sorting and plastic bags clog the machinery. If there is too much contamination, recyclers may discard the entire truckload.

Please ensure you are only adding acceptable materials to your curbside recycling bin, and help educate your neighbors.

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Did you know?

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What we buy matters. Recycling is important, but the majority of carbon emissions are generated before we even purchase an item. Learn more.

We can do better. Mercer County’s 2013 Waste Characterization report shows that our landfill contributions could be reduced with broader recycling participation.