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Support Your Neighbors

Severe weather — flooding, unrelenting heat waves, and prolonged power outages — can put vulnerable residents at risk. Climate change is increasing the frequency and severity of these events.

Developing supportive relationships with neighbors can be particularly helpful during climate crises.

The STAR Neighborhoods program gives Princeton residents the opportunity to actively participate in building a more sustainable community. Participating neighborhoods select activities that will reduce their carbon footprint and enhance their neighborhood. The Neighborhood Buddy Initiative is one such action.

In our rushed and sometimes detached society, neighborhood relationships can be neglected. By getting to know your neighbors and learning to trust them, you can support each other during times of need and together keep your neighborhood more secure.

One study found that trust in your neighbors could benefit your health.

Learn more about the STAR Neighborhood program.

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Spotlight on the Neighborhood Buddy Initiative

Interested in supporting neighbors of concern? The Neighborhood Buddy Initiative is seeking neighbors willing to help others, and identifying those in need of assistance.

Joining the program is easy. For more information, visit the Neighborhood Buddy Initiative webpage.

Willing to help?

Once enrolled, begin to make contact with your neighbors. For example, bring in the newspaper, roll out the trash, or shovel the walk. By the time a more urgent need arises, a relationship of trust should already exist.

Need help?

Are you an older adult without children living nearby? Would you feel more secure knowing a neighbor will look in on you from time to time? If so, the Neighborhood Buddy Initiative can help you find your counterpart.