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Our Environmental Policy

Our vision is for Princeton to be a model town that examines every action through the lens of sustainability, ensuring a healthy environment, a strong economy, and the well-being of all community members now and in the future. It is our mission to inspire our community to develop and implement solutions that positively impact our environment. As such, we commit to upholding the principles of sustainability within our own operations.

To minimize environmental impacts concerning our activities and to promote sustainable practices, we will:

  1. Include the consideration of environmental implications in all strategies and operational initiatives.
  2. Promote awareness of environmentally conscious decision-making and its impacts on our employees, Board of Trustees, donors, contractors, vendors, volunteers and the Princeton community.
  3. Minimize the waste we produce by following the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Sustainable Materials Management hierarchy: source reduction and reuse, recycling and composting, energy recovery, treatment and disposal.
  4. Reduce our transportation-related fuel emissions by using environmentally efficient and responsible modes of transportation, such as biking and walking, carpooling, and driving electric or hybrid vehicles.
  5. Endeavor to procure products and services in a manner that integrates fiscal responsibility, social equity, environmental stewardship and community enhancement.
  6. Improve resource efficiency including our use of water, energy and raw materials.
  7. Strive to improve and innovate our environmental practices by continually reviewing the policies outlined in this statement.
  8. Staff and Board members are encouraged to model these behaviors in their own lives and to promote these green practices among other community organizations.

Sustainable Princeton is committed to the continual improvement of environmental performance. This environmental policy will be communicated to the Board of Trustees, employees, contractors, vendors and made available to the public through our website. Staff and Board members are encouraged to review this policy annually.

We encourage other organizations and businesses to adopt their own Environmental Policy. Feel free to use this language as a place to start.