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4 Aug

Second Annual GHG Inventory Update

Princeton’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) calls for updating the community-wide production-based inventory every year. Long-term trends are difficult to ascertain from year to year. However,...

19 Jul

Want to learn more about New Jersey’s Plastic Ban Law?

As you may have heard, New Jersey has enacted one of the toughest plastic ban laws in the country. Now's the time to start getting ready for this law to take effect.

16 Jul

EV Charging Incentives Are Here Too!

More good news for anyone with an electric car. This week we are excited to announce new support for installing EV charging in your home or at work.

8 Jul

EV Rebates are Back!

Good news for anyone in the market for a new car: New Jersey's rebates for electric vehicles are back! The NJ Board of Public Utilities has just announced the return of the Charge Up New Jersey Program.

22 Jun

Go Low-Mow or No-Mow

Are you wasting time and money mowing your lawn? Did you know that grass is the largest irrigated crop in the country? Fortunately, there are other options.

27 May

Princeton’s Water Story

Our relationship with water is complicated. That's why, Donna Liu, a Princeton resident, professional journalist, and Rutgers Environmental Steward, developed Princeton's Water Story. Available as a quaint video on YouTube or as a 27-page report, the Water Story provides a comprehensive tale detailing what we all should know about our local water.

21 May

Seeds of Sustainable Landscaping are Sprouting!

Like many towns, Princeton has community members eager to eliminate noisy, polluting gas-powered leaf blowers and other lawn maintenance equipment, as well as numerous landscape company owners and workers whose livelihoods depend on this equipment. Is there a way to address everyone’s needs and improve the impact on the health of workers and the environment?

6 May

Going Beyond: Climate Action and Local Environmental Quality

On May 5, four knowledgeable panelists reflected upon the value of improving our local air and water quality and the preservation of our natural ecosystems.View the recording and slide deck from this informative webinar.

22 Apr

Missed the “Changing the Landscape – 2” Webinar?

During this community discussion, we were joined by three partners in our efforts to promote sustainable landscaping in Princeton.

11 Mar

Going Beyond: Climate Action and Equity

On March 10, five experienced speakers joined us to share what Princeton can do to ensure an environmentally-just approach. View the recording and select slides from this informative panel.

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