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October 22, 2020

Repair Cafes are back!

We throw away vast amounts of stuff. While some of this is unavoidable, our landfills are full of items that simply needed a quick repair
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The pandemic has hit Princeton’s business community hard but we have an opportunity to rebuild a local economy that works for everybody and advances Princeton’s
Great Ideas Series
Presentations on initiatives related to transportation were the focus of a special Princeton Council meeting held Monday evening, October 19. View the full article in
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Friday’s Electric EVening at the Princeton Shopping Center was captured by CBS Philly. Check out the photo gallery. View the gallery on CBS Philly’s website
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If you’ve been thinking about an electric vehicle, you’ve probably had several questions on your mind. Are they affordable? What’s up with that rebate? How
Ask An Expert Anything
Sustainable Princeton is looking to embark on a new project that would transition the Princeton landscaping community to more sustainable practices. Read the full article
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September 10, 2020

Bike Boulevards are here!

Have you noticed? Bike Boulevards have popped up all around Princeton. These are low-traffic roadways suitable for cyclists. Check out the following map of identified boulevards: Together,
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As cities undertake climate action plans, libraries emerge as partners, and Princeton is no exception. Read the full article in the American Libraries magazine here.
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The Princeton Shopping Center hosted an outdoor screening of “Pine Mud,” a new documentary by local filmmaker Jared Flesher, last Thursday evening. The event was
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In September 2018, as strategies for the Princeton Climate Action Plan were under development, PU graduate Will Atkinson responded to a timely need by founding
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