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Learn about how you can electrify your home and help reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In this four-part series, you’ll learn about the problems with fossil fuels, the solutions available, and look to the future, with the rapid growth in solar panel installations, how a smart grid will allow you to generate and share electric power across your state and beyond, and more. This series is presented in cooperation with the Princeton Adult School.

Electrification Overview -You may have heard the phrase “Electrify everything!” as a must-do to keep global emissions below the threshold needed to maintain a livable climate. What does “electrify everything” mean, and what are the implications for renewable energy, the electrical grid, local emissions, and households? What role does community solar play?

Electrify Your Home -Learn about why you should electrify your home, how to do it, where to start, and what makes sense for you. The class will include an overview of the technologies, such as heat pumps, induction ranges, heat pump clothes dryers and water heaters, as well as strategies for planning and financing.

How You Can Become Your Own Power Plant  – Solar is one of our major renewable energy sources. It is versatile, clean and you can build a small power plant on your roof! With the current state and federal incentives, “Going Solar” is cost-effective; but it can be complicated. In this class we will cover: how solar works, permits, how to connect to the grid and remain with your electric utility company, how to estimate system size, energy needs, cost and simple payback, how to apply for state and federal incentives, and how to find qualified contractors. We will also discuss various options for solar storage and how to link your solar to other clean energy options to help reach 100% clean energy.

Demystifying Electric Vehicles  – The class will introduce electric vehicles, including topics such as battery electric vehicles versus plug-in hybrids, a survey of the numerous makes and models and vehicle types (sedans, crossovers, pickup trucks), driving ranges, charging times, public charging networks, environmental, health and national security benefits, government cash and tax credit incentives, total cost of ownership (including home chargers) and living with an electric vehicle.
Purchase all four It’s Electrifying classes (110A-110D) for $115 and save $25. Use course 110E to register for package!