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Ask An Expert About EVs: How to Choose, Charge, and Change

If you’ve been thinking about an electric vehicle, you’ve probably had several questions on your mind. Are they affordable? What’s up with that rebate? How far will I be able to go? What’s the best model for my needs?

For our fourth Ask An Expert series, Eve Gabel-Frank and Tom Moloughney tuned in to help answer some of these burning questions.

Eve Gabel-Frank of Gabel Associates uses her diverse skill set to provide support to ChargEVC. Some of her key tasks include research support for comprehensive EV studies, membership recruitment, marketing activities including maintaining an active presence on social media platforms, attending conferences, and facilitating Ride-and-Drive events.  She also supports policy and regulatory matters through interaction with state agencies. In addition, Ms. Gabel-Frank performs geographic analysis for various studies and projects. These maps include detailed analyses of demographics, road networks, and land-use suitability. These maps were used to identify EV opportunities and the optimal locations for charging infrastructure, as well as create statewide and utility service area demographic profiles.

Tom Moloughney is a passionate electric-vehicle advocate, industry consultant, and former director at Plug In America. Tom has been driving EVs since 2009 and has driven a total of 300,000 all-electric miles. Tom is an editor for the EV news site,, and has published over 1,000 articles on electric vehicles and EV policy. Tom is also the east coast trainer for the PlugStar electric vehicle dealership certification program.

Click here to view Tom’s slides from this September 30, 2020 webinar or access the recording below. We also recommend visiting the Electric Vehicles webpage to find some of the resources mentioned in this recording.