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Certify Your Yard

Showcase your sustainable yard with these certification programs.

river friendly resident


Ensure your property is River-Friendly through the Watershed Institute. 

Complete their easy survey and meet 75% of the qualifications to be certified as a River-Friendly Resident. Receive a free sign to display in your yard!

Cost: Free

CWH sign David Mizejewski

Wildlife Habitat

Invite wildlife with certification through the National Wildlife Federation.

Share how your yard or garden provides habitat and the NWF will recognize it as a Certified Wildlife Habitat®

Cost: $20 application fee (sign is an additional cost)

Waystation Sign

Monarch Waystation

Provide a habitat for butterflies in your yard or garden.

Certify your new or existing monarch habitat to show that you are contributing to monarch conservation. 

Cost: $16 certification ($33 to certify and purchase a sign)

AGZA sign

Gas-Free Yard

Create an AGZA (American Green Zone Alliance) Green Zone at home.

Help spread awareness and demonstrate to your community that your property is a gas-free, quieter place to be with a green-zone gas-free yard sign.

Cost: $15.98

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“DIY” Yard Sign

Make your own sign! 

Help spread awareness and demonstrate your sustainable landscaping practices to the community.

Use any materials you might have and show off your creativity!


SANH HNP LOGO2b TM 400 8d79f6c86708caac90aedb5c84791ed1af94b5c3bf2a2595bff7585aac442839

Homegrown National Park Map

Record your native plantings and join users across the country!

XercesSociety PollinatorHabitatSign

Xerces Society’s Pollinator Protection 

Sign their pledge and add your yard to their map!

Have you certified your yard? Let us know!
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