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Climate Change Isn’t a Problem of the Future


…it is a pressing concern that requires urgent action.

The National Climate Assessment issued by the U.S. Government last week reaffirmed that climatic changes are triggering wide-ranging impacts in every region of our country, and throughout our economy. Report observations indicate that there is still time to limit the extent of climate change, but the need to radically reduce human produced greenhouse gas emissions has become critical.

We’re proud of the progress our organization made this year. In 2018, we charged ahead with developing Princeton’s Climate Action Plan, a strategic outline of steps to reduce emissions and make our community more resilient to the impacts of climate change. A draft of the plan will be presented for community input in early 2019. We’ve also made incremental strides to increase community-wide awareness of climate change, decrease and prevent greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce our waste footprint.

There is still so much to be done.

Here are examples of what your support makes possible: your gift of $50 allows us to provide LED bulbs at a community event; $100 supports staff to facilitate a “Let’s Talk Climate” school program; $250 provides for an organic compost audit; $500 covers recycling of a truckload of Styrofoam; $1,000 assists with strategic Climate Action Plan discussions; and $5,000 provides for engagement of key stakeholders to promote Community Solar projects. Our work for Princeton is not possible without your financial support.

Please consider partnering with us to make 2019 our most productive year yet. Your gift has a sustainable impact on our work right here in Princeton.


Molly Jones
Executive Director

Matt Wasserman