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Home Gardener Starter Kit

We partnered with @princetongardening to share tips and best practices for your garden.  Whether you’re just getting started, or a seasoned gardener, we recommend following these guidelines for keeping your garden happy and healthy.

Keep your garden equipment clean

Keep your tools and pots clean and free from spreading bacteria and disease in your garden.

Here are some quick tips:

  • Wash your garden tools and pots with soapy water (dish soap works great!). You can also spray them with bleach or rubbing alcohol to truly disinfect.
  • Clean your clippers to reduce the spreading of plant bacteria.
  • Before potting new plants, wash your pots to remove potential bacteria and fungus.
  • Reuse your nursery pots to start new seeds or grow plant cuttings!

For more tips on keeping your tools clean, check out this resource from the University of Arkansas.

Watch our video on YouTube.

How to propagate plants

Method 1: Transplanting

  1. Dig the plant out from the ground, or remove from pot, making sure to gently remove the soil and check for healthy, firm roots.
  2. Lightly rinsing the roots will help reduce spreading pests and invasive plants like lesser celandine that are small bulblets in the soil.
  3. Repot the plant in fresh potting soil or compost.
  4. Don’t forget to water!

Method 2: Cutting

  1. Choose a section of healthy growth that’s about 4 inches and cut right below a node
  2. Remove the bottom leaves and trim off any flowers or buds, which will take energy from the plant as it tries to grow new roots.
  3. Optional: Use rooting hormone to help growth – dip the cut end into the powder and stir it around to coat
  4. Plant the cutting into a pot with fresh potting soil.
  5. Allow to root for a few weeks before planting in the ground.