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Go Low-Mow or No-Mow

Created a wildlife-friendly milkweed meadow!
Constitution Hill in Princeton converted a portion of its property to a lovely milkweed meadow.

Are you wasting time and money mowing your lawn? Did you know that grass is the largest irrigated crop in the country? In fact, American’s use 90 million pounds of fertilizer and 78 million pounds of pesticides every year to keep this non-native species thriving.

Fortunately, there are other options. Simply replace some of your grass with a native meadow, low-maintenance groundcover, flowerbeds, or even trees.  With a meadow, you only mow it once every year in the late fall. With groundcover, you’d never mow it. Here are the steps to take to go low-mow or no-mow:

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Your yard is part of the local ecosystem. Thank you for considering ways to ensure you are sustainably caring for your portion of the Earth.