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Princeton’s Community Renewable Energy contract term is ending.

The current term of the Princeton Community Renewable Energy (PCRE) Program is coming to a close. The Municipality’s 18-month contract with Constellation NewEnergy, Inc., which more than doubled Princeton’s renewable energy support by providing 50% renewable energy content and saved residents a few dollars on their electricity bills, began in June 2020 ends in December 2021. Program participants will soon receive a letter from PSE&G stating that electricity supply will be automatically transferred back to PSE&G. The transfer back to PSE&G happens automatically. There is no action you need to take.

Starting with your December 2021 meter reading, the “electric power supply” line item on your PSE&G bill will revert back to the PSE&G “Basic Generation Service” supply charge, as it was before June 2020 when the PCRE program began. You will not experience any change in service.

We look forward to working with the municipality again on a second iteration of the PCRE program when market conditions for renewable electricity are favorable.  Please stay tuned. For more information, click here.

You may receive solicitation phone calls and letters directly from third-party suppliers offering green energy. Be aware that these solicitations are not associated with the PCRE program. Constellation NewEnergy, Inc. is the only third-party supplier associated with the PCRE program. Unfortunately, some third-party suppliers that use direct marketing to enroll new customers target communities with energy aggregation programs like PCRE and may use deceptive advertising to gain new customers.