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Princeton’s Water Story

Our relationship with water is complicated. That’s why, Donna Liu, a Princeton resident, professional journalist, and Rutgers Environmental Steward, developed Princeton’s Water Story. Available as a quaint 40-min video on YouTube or as a 27-page report, the Water Story provides a comprehensive tale detailing what we all should know about our local water.

This entertaining and educational story is well worth your time. “Take Carnegie Lake as just one example,” Donna states. “As scenery, it’s delightful. As a rowing venue, it’s Olympic-class. If you were to fall in, however, the water becomes far less appealing. And you absolutely do not want to drink it.”

Agree, right? But have you ever wondered who owns the water? Where our drinking water comes from or where our stormwater goes? If so, grab some popcorn and enjoy the Water Story on video to find out.