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Seeds of Sustainable Landscaping are Sprouting!

Like many towns, Princeton has community members eager to eliminate noisy, polluting gas-powered leaf blowers and other lawn maintenance equipment, as well as numerous landscape company owners and workers whose livelihoods depend on this equipment. Is there a way to address everyone’s needs and improve the impact on the health of workers and the environment?

We think so. That’s why we are working with the Princeton Environmental Commission, along with Unidad Latina en Acción NJ, the Latin American Legal Defense and Education FundQuiet PrincetonRutgers School of Public Health, the Rutgers Environmental Stewards program, and several Municipality of Princeton departments and commissions, including Human Services, the Board of Health, and the Civil Rights Commission. Backed by a one-year grant, these project partners are working with Princeton residents and the landscaping community to adopt practices that protect the health of both landscape workers and the local environment.

Check out the progress being made in our  Changing the Landscape: Healthy Yards = Healthy People Spring 2021 Quarterly Report. This is an exciting project that requires the community’s embrace.

What Can You Do?

Download our new Toolbook for Sustainable Landscape Conversations. Designed to help you communicate with your landscaper, you can print it out, check off the items you are interested in for your yard, and give it to your landscaper. 

If you employ a landscaper, ensure that they are registered with the Municipality. All for-hire landscapers in Princeton must register at

Check out the Yard section of our webpage where we’ve got info on everything from native plants to electric landscaping equipment.

Visit our Current Projects webpage to learn more about the Changing the Landscape project as it develops.