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Shrink Your Footprint: On Your Plate

Our food choices contribute to our carbon footprint and have an impact on greenhouse gas emissions globally. This seminar provided an opportunity to learn what changes you can make to what you put on your plate to combat climate change.

Our panel of experts included:

  • Food Systems, Local Sustainability, and Climate Change by Anu Ramaswami, Ph.D., Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies and the Princeton Environmental Institute
  • The ART of Sustainable Eating by Karina Pearse-LaMalfa, MS, National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, and co-founder of Princeton Eats Plants
  • Preventing Food Waste at Home by Sara Elnakib, RD, MPH, Assistant Professor in the Department of Family and Community Health Sciences for Rutgers Cooperative Extension, Certified Health Education Specialist, and doctoral candidate in the Rutgers University School of Public Health

The program was moderated by Steve Averbuch, MD, of Sustainable Princeton’s Board of Trustees.

This program, held by webinar on June 3, 2020, was the final of four events focused on practical, actionable, and evidence-based steps to reduce the footprint of our daily lives. Sponsorship for Sustainable Princeton’s Great Ideas Events is provided by NRG Energy, Inc. Events are held in partnership with the Princeton Public Library.

The slides used by Steve Averbuch, Karina Pearse-LaMalfa, and Sara Elnakib are available here. The slides used by Anu Ramaswami are available here.

Click below to view the live recording of this webinar.