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Sustainable Minds: Building & Developing Sustainably (Dec 6, 2022)

Using design and development to fight climate change 

This session discussed the ways in which development and construction can be used as a tool against climate change. Ken Levinson, Executive Director of The Passive House Network, and Christina McPike, Director of Energy and Sustainability at WinnCompanies demonstrated how thoughtful design encourages sustainable behaviors, addresses social equity issues, and how Passive House, net-zero, and net-zero-ready buildings can be achieved within budgetary constraints.

A number of case studies were presented, including the Alice, a mixed-income multi-family affordable housing unit to be built near the Princeton Shopping Center (a special improvement district), as well as others that will highlight the health, safety, and welfare aspects associated with sustainable and net-zero development. 

Watch the recording below or on our YouTube channel

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