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Volunteers Inspire Evidence-Based Decisions

In September 2018, as strategies for the Princeton Climate Action Plan were under development, PU graduate Will Atkinson responded to a timely need by founding a research team that could focus on the CAP. CAPERS, which stands for Climate Action Plan Emissions Reduction Strategies, is the student-community group that was formed to analyze the CAP’s strategies.

With members from high school students to retired academics, the team provides key data, reports, and recommendations for the Climate Action Plan. This year, the team has shifted its focus to implementation — conducting research for more than 30 of the Plan’s actions. Though Will is moving onto graduate school, CAPERS is stronger than ever as veteran team members lead a growing group. 

Will says “I’m not one for hyperbole, but leading the CAPERS team has changed my life. Our real-world research has brought home the care, creativity, and connections we need to scale sustainability on the ground.”

Will plans to continue working on climate change solutions in the coming years, beginning at MIT’s two-year Technology and Policy Program. His master’s research hopes to focus on climate and health risks — connecting research with policy-makers to quantify those compounding impacts and work toward solutions.

We will surely miss Will but are delighted that the CAPERS team is strong enough to withstand his departure. Their thorough and insightful analysis has helped ensure we are using science to guide our decisions, so please allow us to thank each and every member of the CAPERS team.