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Want to learn more about New Jersey’s Plastic Ban Law?

As you may have heard, New Jersey has enacted one of the toughest plastic ban laws in the country. Within a few months, the state will start rolling out the following actions:

  • Starting November 2021, food service businesses will be permitted to provide a plastic straw to a customer only upon request.
  • Starting May 2022, a ban on Styrofoam containers such as clamshell takeout boxes takes effect.
  • Starting May 2022, a ban on plastic bags takes effect at grocery, retail, and restaurants.
  • Starting May 2022, a ban on paper bags takes effect at supermarkets over 2,500 square feet.

This means that large supermarkets, like McCaffrey’s, will no longer provide plastic or paper bags — you will either need to bring your own or buy bags at checkout. Now’s definitely the time to get in the habit of bringing your reusable bags!

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