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What is Destination Electric?

Have you noticed the “Destination Electric” signs popping up around town?

Princeton is now home to over 20 Destination Electric businesses that are helping visitors recognize that an electric vehicle (EV) charging station is nearby.

In fact, Princeton currently has six public EV charging stations: two at the Princeton Shopping Center, two at Spring Street Garage, and two at Palmer Square Garage. We are working behind the scenes to further increase the number of stations.

Furthermore, there’s pending legislation that could truly electrify the turnpike, and make range anxiety a thing of the past. If you are ready to learn more about electric vehicles, check out our EV web page.

After all, this could be one of the most enjoyable ways to lower your footprint!

  • Reuse fresh-cut boughs for wreaths, mantle displays, or centerpieces.
  • Use branches to insulate your garden and flower beds.
  • Mulch with pine needles to add nutrients to your soil.
  • Add pine needles to a bowl of potpourri to freshen your house.
  • Turn a trunk into a scratching post for your cat.
  • Create a brush pile in your yard with the branches.
  • Use a wood chipper to create your own mulch.
  • Cut the trunk into discs to make flower bed trimming or coasters.
  • Research ways to plant your next Christmas tree in your yard.

Regardless, do not put your tree in the trash. Instead, Princeton residents are asked to leave their trees curbside throughout the month of January so the municipality can pick them up for chipping.

Best of luck and happy new year!